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I believe this is a defining moment and I will not hold back. I prayerfully commit to step out in faith and pledge to give $0 above my regular tithe over the next two years.

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There was a lot of noise in my head about this. Selected amount that jumped out as us today. Trusting that this is what God is wanting us to do.

Posted by Scott

The impact it will have on a community in need. The avenues that will be available is worth financially backing. I give freely while puttiong an invisible foot print on the lives of others.

Posted by Melanie

GCC has something for all ages, and all walks of lives. We meet people right where they are. Regardless of your brokenness, your hurt, your sin, one and all are welcome to come to GCC and learn that Jesus loves you right now, right where you are.

Posted by Penny/Frank

GCC has blessed us so much that we can't help but want to give so that others may be blessed as we were.

Posted by Samantha

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